Test, Qualification & Verification

Cre8tek has an extensive experience in performing Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). Our PPAP is based on 6-sigma and qualifies the manufacturing tools and verifies that the manufacturing processes and the production set-ups are stable.

Reaching the state of stable manufacturing or production set-up is often an underestimated task, and many projects have been delayed in this specific phase. The Cre8tek engineers have a wide experience in working with the suppliers in this critical phase of the development process. With our experience and our location close to the tooling manufactures and component suppliers, the efficiency in the PPAP process is extremely high and save you critical time to market.

For fast and effective evaluation as well as qualification of components and the structural design, Cre8tek can offer to arrange all kind of reliability tests close to the manufacturers in China including reliability tests, environmental tests, transportation test, governmental requirements tests and many more.

PPAP is the Production Part Approval Process. The PPAP ensures that not only the first produced parts are OK, but it also tells you how much you should expect the part dimensions to vary during mass production. At smaller quantities normally the PPAP process is limited to include only a FAI (First Article Inspection).


  • Scenar - Ulrich Burr

    Scenar - Ulrich Burr

    ”…Of course I was curious to see if the promised quality fulfilled my expectations. When the first parts arrived I was sure to have taken the right decision……Also for new projects I will choose Cre8tek…"
  • Roblon - Søren Tjønneland

    Roblon - Søren Tjønneland

    "We get prototypes delivered from Cre8tek - assembled and including electronics, mechanics and manufactured in the right materials and surfaces finish. It saves Roblon of time and resources, since the prototypes can be used directly in our acceptance tests and in our early marketing."

  • Nilfisk Advance - Palle Sørensen

    Nilfisk Advance - Palle Sørensen

    As project manager at Nilfisk Advance A/S, I use Cre8tek for the supply of mechanical prototype items.

    The prototypes from Cre8tek are manufactured by CNC machining or vacuum molding from the correct raw materials and is delivered with surface treatment according to our wishes. Before manufacturing, we always get good advices about our possibilities.
  • Nilfisk Advance - Christian Thorup Kjærgaard

    Nilfisk Advance - Christian Thorup Kjærgaard

    As a technical project manager at Nilfisk Advance, I have used Cre8tek's services in mechanical engineering, development and prototyping. An example is our VU500 project, a global multi-site project ...

  • Ergonomic Solutions - Benny Burmeister

    Ergonomic Solutions - Benny Burmeister

    We are experiencing a high degree of safety and efficiency in tooling deliveries from Cre8tek...

  • Nilfisk Advance - Henrik Thomsen

    Nilfisk Advance - Henrik Thomsen

    During the development of our VL500 product line, I had two of Cre8tek's Chinese mechanical engineers on my team. Cre8tek's work on the project was impeccable - and their engineers were part of the project team equally with our own two mechanical engineers, and they had a very good knowledge of the Western "mindset" about product development...