Cre8tek involved in major new product venture


International product launch from Ergonomic Solutions coming soon

The Nørresundby company Ergonomic Solutions is set to kick off a major new venture in September with the international launch of its ground-breaking product, OpenSpace Duo, in close collaboration with Cre8tek.

Cre8tek is responsible for the delivery of the mechanical components for the new product, the prototype of which has already been presented at international retail fairs in London, New York and other cities.

OpenSpace Duo is a Mobile Point of Sale (Mpos) system and is intended for retail, restaurants, etc. What makes this product innovative is that it makes it combines the possibility to order and pay via two different platforms. For example, you can use an Ingenico or Verifone terminal to pay on the one side and a Samsung or Apple product to order on the other.

Ergonomic Solutions is already an international market leader in Mpos solutions.

While Cre8tek is supplying the mechanical components, the Viborg-based company Ektos is delivering the electronics. The product is assembled in Ergonomic Solutions’ brand-new manufacturing facilities in Nørresundby.

Ce8tek injection moulds the plastic components in Shenzhen, and the tools for this process are manufactured in Cre8tek’s own tool shop.

“Our great collaboration with Ergonomic Solutions serves as an example of how moving cost-intensive parts assembly to China can help improve competitiveness through a more efficient production setup. Ultimately, it also helps create more local jobs,” said Poul Dørup Olesen, Manager Director and head of Cre8tek’s Hjørring division.

Ergonomic Solutions, which has worked with Cre8tek for several years, especially values the fact that communication between the two businesses has been seamless.

“Our partnership with Cre8tek in Hjørring has been excellent, both in terms of communication and the work itself, and it gives us a good inroad to the benefits that come with manufacturing in China,” said Managing Director Per Bjerring of Ergonomic Solutions.

Ergonomic Solutions was originally established as a company focused on technology mounting solutions. With the launch of OpenSpace Duo, ESM will become a company that also specialises in electronics. Per Bjerring expects that the OpenSpace Duo venture will result in increased competitiveness for the Nørresundby company.

Further information:
Account manager Rune Lundsted Jensen, Cre8tek
Phone: 60 24 46 39
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

01 holdet bag

The team behind the development of OpenSpace Duo, with different configurations of the newly-launched product in the foreground. From left to right: Account Manager Rune Lundsted Jensen (Cre8tek), Technical Development Manager Benny Burmester (Ergonomic Solutions), Managing Director Per Bjerring (Ergonomic Solutions), Founder of Cre8tek and Managing Director Poul Dørup Olesen and Supply Chain Manager Claus Nørgaard Mortensen (Ergonomic Solutions).

02 IMG 6616

The multi-dock charger for OpenSpace Duo, which can charge 5 Duo products, is an example of some of the mechanical components delivered by Cre8tek to Ergonomic Solutions.


03 DUO103 I DUO DOCK1 EU a
OpenSpace Duo in dock charger with an Ingenico payment terminal on the one side
04 DUO103 I DUO DOCK1 EU b
... and with an Apple iPhone to place an order or access a service menu on the other side.


  • Ergonomic Solutions - Per Bjerring

    Ergonomic Solutions - Per Bjerring

    “Our partnership with Cre8tek in Hjørring has been excellent, both in terms of communication and the work itself, and it gives us a good inroad to the benefits that come with manufacturing in China,”

  • Peter Løber, Senior Project Manager, Nilfisk A/S

    Peter Løber, Senior Project Manager, Nilfisk A/S

    Cre8tek understands quality better than other Chinese suppliers. It's not just about getting products in a container and shipped to the customer.

  • Polaris Electronics A/S - Ib Nielsen

    Polaris Electronics A/S - Ib Nielsen

    ...From the first meeting with Cre8tek we have had a constructive dialogue from idea to production. With 3D drawings we have been able to rotate and turn the product to inspect that the mechanical parts fit with our electronics...

  • Scenar - Ulrich Burr

    Scenar - Ulrich Burr

    ”…Of course I was curious to see if the promised quality fulfilled my expectations. When the first parts arrived I was sure to have taken the right decision……Also for new projects I will choose Cre8tek…"
  • Roblon - Søren Tjønneland

    Roblon - Søren Tjønneland

    "We get prototypes delivered from Cre8tek - assembled and including electronics, mechanics and manufactured in the right materials and surfaces finish. It saves Roblon of time and resources, since the prototypes can be used directly in our acceptance tests and in our early marketing."

  • Nilfisk Advance - Palle Sørensen

    Nilfisk Advance - Palle Sørensen

    As project manager at Nilfisk Advance A/S, I use Cre8tek for the supply of mechanical prototype items.

    The prototypes from Cre8tek are manufactured by CNC machining or vacuum molding from the correct raw materials and is delivered with surface treatment according to our wishes. Before manufacturing, we always get good advices about our possibilities.
  • Nilfisk Advance - Christian Thorup Kjærgaard

    Nilfisk Advance - Christian Thorup Kjærgaard

    As a technical project manager at Nilfisk Advance, I have used Cre8tek's services in mechanical engineering, development and prototyping. An example is our VU500 project, a global multi-site project ...

  • Ergonomic Solutions - Benny Burmeister

    Ergonomic Solutions - Benny Burmeister

    We are experiencing a high degree of safety and efficiency in tooling deliveries from Cre8tek...

  • Nilfisk Advance - Henrik Thomsen

    Nilfisk Advance - Henrik Thomsen

    During the development of our VL500 product line, I had two of Cre8tek's Chinese mechanical engineers on my team. Cre8tek's work on the project was impeccable - and their engineers were part of the project team equally with our own two mechanical engineers, and they had a very good knowledge of the Western "mindset" about product development...

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