Cre8tek merging activities in China


Showroom initiated as the last stage of new domicile in Shenzhen

Cre8tek's new domicile in China is ready. The last stage was a showroom that was taken into use this month.

This brings together development, administration and production. So far, the activities have been spread in several locations. Now, the company's 120 Chinese employees are gathered at 7000 sqm and can utilize the synergy in the closer contact as well as optimized internal logistics. At the same time, Cre8tek now have a stronger visual identity to show visiting customers.

Shenzhen is located in the southeastern corner of China close to Hong Kong and is one of China's fast growing economic centers.

At Cre8tek in Shenzhen, approximately 80 employees work with metal and plastic production, while there are 40 employees in development and administration, of which 33 are engineers.

In recent years, the company has experienced a dramatically increasing activity level. The gathering activities in the new domicile should be seen as a necessary adaptation of the organization to continued growth.

Cre8tek develops and manufactures products in China for Danish companies - focusing on lighting and electronic products. The contact between the Danish companies and the development and production facilities in Shenzhen is carried out by the Danish offices in Hjørring and Hørsholm. The company was founded in 2011 by Yilin Pei and Poul Dørup Olesen, who continue to lead Cre8tek from Shenzhen and Hjørring respectively.

IMG 8553 1
In Cre8tek's new showroom, Yilin Pei shows an electronic physiotherapy device that is produced for the German customer Scenar.

IMG 8568
Yilin Pei at the entrance to Cre8tek's showroom, holding Nilfisk's newly launched fast charger for professional cleaning appliances.

IMG 0810
2 of Cre8tek's total 6 assembly lines are equipped with air conditioning, for tasks where it is required.

IMG 0782
Oliver, Fred and Pei at Cre8eks R&D office, where collaboration with production has become easier after the merger.

IMG 8634
At the reception in Cre8tek's new factory, from left Eric, Jet, Pei, Frank, Davey and York. They spent a long time in the traffic driving back and forth between Cre8ek's facilities. Now, R & D, assembly and production under same roof.

Images are available as RAW format and can be obtained by contacting Rune Lundsted Jensen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +45 60244639 Poul Dørup Olesen, founder and co-owner of Cre8tek, is available for further interviews, statements, quotes and the like. He can be contacted on mobile +45 22109793 / email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cre8tek merging activities in China


  • Ergonomic Solutions - Per Bjerring

    Ergonomic Solutions - Per Bjerring

    “Our partnership with Cre8tek in Hjørring has been excellent, both in terms of communication and the work itself, and it gives us a good inroad to the benefits that come with manufacturing in China,”

  • Peter Løber, Senior Project Manager, Nilfisk A/S

    Peter Løber, Senior Project Manager, Nilfisk A/S

    Cre8tek understands quality better than other Chinese suppliers. It's not just about getting products in a container and shipped to the customer.

  • Polaris Electronics A/S - Ib Nielsen

    Polaris Electronics A/S - Ib Nielsen

    ...From the first meeting with Cre8tek we have had a constructive dialogue from idea to production. With 3D drawings we have been able to rotate and turn the product to inspect that the mechanical parts fit with our electronics...

  • Scenar - Ulrich Burr

    Scenar - Ulrich Burr

    ”…Of course I was curious to see if the promised quality fulfilled my expectations. When the first parts arrived I was sure to have taken the right decision……Also for new projects I will choose Cre8tek…"
  • Roblon - Søren Tjønneland

    Roblon - Søren Tjønneland

    "We get prototypes delivered from Cre8tek - assembled and including electronics, mechanics and manufactured in the right materials and surfaces finish. It saves Roblon of time and resources, since the prototypes can be used directly in our acceptance tests and in our early marketing."

  • Nilfisk Advance - Palle Sørensen

    Nilfisk Advance - Palle Sørensen

    As project manager at Nilfisk Advance A/S, I use Cre8tek for the supply of mechanical prototype items.

    The prototypes from Cre8tek are manufactured by CNC machining or vacuum molding from the correct raw materials and is delivered with surface treatment according to our wishes. Before manufacturing, we always get good advices about our possibilities.
  • Nilfisk Advance - Christian Thorup Kjærgaard

    Nilfisk Advance - Christian Thorup Kjærgaard

    As a technical project manager at Nilfisk Advance, I have used Cre8tek's services in mechanical engineering, development and prototyping. An example is our VU500 project, a global multi-site project ...

  • Ergonomic Solutions - Benny Burmeister

    Ergonomic Solutions - Benny Burmeister

    We are experiencing a high degree of safety and efficiency in tooling deliveries from Cre8tek...

  • Nilfisk Advance - Henrik Thomsen

    Nilfisk Advance - Henrik Thomsen

    During the development of our VL500 product line, I had two of Cre8tek's Chinese mechanical engineers on my team. Cre8tek's work on the project was impeccable - and their engineers were part of the project team equally with our own two mechanical engineers, and they had a very good knowledge of the Western "mindset" about product development...

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