Development and manufacturing of Medico device for Keytec

For Keytec Deutchland GmbH, Cre8tek has delivered prototypes, tooling and manufacturing of mechanical components for a biofeedback handset. A dermatologic medico device for physiotherapy cosmetological treatment.

Scenar chargerClose collaboration with Industrial Designer
An early involvement by Cre8tek in the Design and Development phase was a big advantage to enable a perfect product realization. Our engineers gave the Industrial Designer valuable input for the optimal technical realization with respect to manufacturability, function and best cosmetic appearance.

“…Of course I was curious to see if the promised quality fulfilled my expectations. When the first parts arrived I was sure to have taken the right decision……Also for new projects I will choose Cre8tek…”
Ulrich Burr, Keytec Deutchland GmbH

Materials with high finish
The display windows were manufactured by injection molding. As such the emphasis was placed on scratch resistance and highly transparent clear material. The exclusively elegant appearance of the plastic housing parts were carefully designed to avoid any sink marks and other surface defects. The matching of the exchangeable electrodes was thoroughly investigated to achieve a perfect fit with the handset.

Tooling and component manufacturing
All toolmakers are located within one hour car drive from the Cre8tek office in Shenzhen. This enabled an easy supervision of the progress during the ramp-up phase. The Cre8tek engineers supervise the tooling processes to guarantee highest quality standards of the final products. The delivery to Keytec includes manufacturing of 6 different electrode modules as subassemblies, 5 variants of displays glass, charging base etc. Keytec have their own assembly line in Germany where the finished product is assembled and packed.

medico device for scenar
Packaging of finished modules for Keytec at Cre8tek assembly line in Shenzhen.

Cre8tek deliveries to Keytec includes.
Scenar electrode module

  • 2D & 3D CAD Design and documentation
  • DFM & mold flow analysis
  • CNC Prototypes with cosmetic surfaces
  • Aluminum Die-casting and chrome plating
  • Injection parts
  • Metal over molding
  • CNC (Surgical Steel)
  • Cabling

Scenar physio

The Bio feedback handset is used for physiotherapy where there are high requirements to the materials and surfaces.

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  • Saphe - Freddy Sørensen

    Saphe - Freddy Sørensen

    “Cre8tek is excellent in the design phase. Especially when it comes to how we make the traffic alarms function for the consumer and how we make it easier to assemble the traffic alarms in production.”

  • Zliide - Nikolai Brix Lindholm

    Zliide - Nikolai Brix Lindholm

    “Our impression of Cre8tek was good. The pricing at Cre8tek was also good compared to others that we were in contact with. The price in connection with the time it took for them to create a tool ended up being the main arguments for initiating a collaboration.”

  • Ergonomic Solutions - Per Bjerring

    Ergonomic Solutions - Per Bjerring

    “Our partnership with Cre8tek in Hjørring has been excellent, both in terms of communication and the work itself, and it gives us a good inroad to the benefits that come with manufacturing in China,”

  • Peter Løber, Senior Project Manager, Nilfisk A/S

    Peter Løber, Senior Project Manager, Nilfisk A/S

    Cre8tek understands quality better than other Chinese suppliers. It's not just about getting products in a container and shipped to the customer.

  • Polaris Electronics A/S - Ib Nielsen

    Polaris Electronics A/S - Ib Nielsen

    ...From the first meeting with Cre8tek we have had a constructive dialogue from idea to production. With 3D drawings we have been able to rotate and turn the product to inspect that the mechanical parts fit with our electronics...

  • Keytec - Ulrich Burr

    Keytec - Ulrich Burr

    ”…Of course I was curious to see if the promised quality fulfilled my expectations. When the first parts arrived I was sure to have taken the right decision……Also for new projects I will choose Cre8tek…"
  • Nilfisk Advance - Palle Sørensen

    Nilfisk Advance - Palle Sørensen

    As project manager at Nilfisk Advance A/S, I use Cre8tek for the supply of mechanical prototype items.

    The prototypes from Cre8tek are manufactured by CNC machining or vacuum molding from the correct raw materials and is delivered with surface treatment according to our wishes. Before manufacturing, we always get good advices about our possibilities.
  • Nilfisk Advance - Christian Thorup Kjærgaard

    Nilfisk Advance - Christian Thorup Kjærgaard

    As a technical project manager at Nilfisk Advance, I have used Cre8tek's services in mechanical engineering, development and prototyping. An example is our VU500 project, a global multi-site project ...

  • Ergonomic Solutions - Benny Burmeister

    Ergonomic Solutions - Benny Burmeister

    We are experiencing a high degree of safety and efficiency in tooling deliveries from Cre8tek...

  • Nilfisk Advance - Henrik Thomsen

    Nilfisk Advance - Henrik Thomsen

    During the development of our VL500 product line, I had two of Cre8tek's Chinese mechanical engineers on my team. Cre8tek's work on the project was impeccable - and their engineers were part of the project team equally with our own two mechanical engineers, and they had a very good knowledge of the Western "mindset" about product development...

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