Electronics production in China

We are your skilled Mechanical Designers and Production Engineers and we develop, test, manufacture and assemble your products on our factory in China.



As a one-stop Electronics Manufacturing Service provider, we deliver box-build electronic products worldwide. Among other things, we offer test, certification, product development and assembly of electronic products including SCM, QC and shipment in retail ready packaging.

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Cre8tek is a manufacturer of LED Lighting products in China. This includes Downlight spots, Interior Lamps, Outdoor Lamps, Bathroom armatures. All products are tested and certified according to CE, UL, ETL, CCC etc.

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7.000 m²

7.000 m²

Our factory in China includes design department, assembly lines, test facilities, aluminum die-casting, tool shop and plastic injection molding.
30 engineers

30 engineers

Mechanical & electronic design, design, QA, SCM, NPI and project management. From concept to finish products.
120 employees

120 employees

Cre8tek has totally around 120 employees in administration and factory.
Local support

Local support

Experienced engineers in Europe support with the framing of your project.

Worldwide electronic & lighting products

Cre8tek is a one-stop Electronics Manufacturing Service provider, delivering box-build electronic and lighting products worldwide.

Cre8tek ́s facilities includes: mechanical design department, mechanical & electronic engineering, assembly lines, test facilities, aluminum die-casting, tool shop and plastic injection molding.

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Statements from our customers

  • “Cre8tek understands quality better than other Chinese suppliers. It's not just about getting products in a container and shipped to the customer.

    They are dealing with problems upfront and are good at reporting... With Cre8tek as a turnkey supplier we don’t need to be in China all the time and follow up on production. Also the Danish project managers can drop by anytime to deal with urgent issues”.

    Peter Løber
    Senior Project Manager, Nilfisk A/S

  • “Our partnership with Cre8tek in Hjørring has been excellent, both in terms of communication and the work itself, and it gives us a good inroad to the benefits that come with manufacturing in China”.

    Per Bjerring
    Managing Director, Ergonomic Solutions

  • ”(..) From the first meeting with Cre8tek we have had a constructive dialogue from idea to production. With 3D drawings we have been able to rotate and turn the product to inspect that the mechanical parts fit with our electronics...

    Early in the process, the prototypes from Cre8tek gave us a good feeling that we were on the right track".

    Ib Nielsen
    Service Engineer, Polaris Electronics A/S

  • “ (..) Of course I was curious to see if the promised quality fulfilled my expectations. When the first parts arrived I was sure to have taken the right decision (..) Also for new projects I will choose Cre8tek (..) ".

    Ulrich Burr
    CEO, Scenar Deutschland GmbH

  • “As project manager at Nilfisk Advance A/S, I use Cre8tek for the supply of mechanical prototype items.

    The prototypes from Cre8tek are manufactured by CNC machining or vacuum molding from the correct raw materials and is delivered with surface treatment according to our wishes. Before manufacturing, we always get good advices about our possibilities. In this way we achieve a higher degree of accuracy and efficiency in our evaluation of the design, which helps to shorten development time on our projects”.

    Palle R. Sørensen
    Technical Project Manager, Nilfisk-Advance A/S

  • “As a technical project manager at Nilfisk Advance, I have used Cre8tek's services in mechanical engineering, development and prototyping. An example is our VU500 project, a global multi-site project ...

    I am very pleased with the deliveries from Cre8tek's engineers who always deliver an efficient and competent effort. Cooperation and communication with our departments in both Hadsund and Suzhou, China has worked flawlessly.

    We had the best possible conditions for thorough testing and analysis of our designs very early in the development phase due to prototypes delivered by Cre8tek in the right materials - including 2K molded parts with surface treatments in high finish”.

    Christian Thorup Kjærgaard
    Technical Project Manager, Nilfisk-Advance A/S

  • "We are experiencing a high degree of safety and efficiency in tooling deliveries from Cre8tek (..)

    This is partly because the tools for both stamping, plastic injection molding and die-cast molding can be produced through the same supplier and that Cre8teks engineers can be with their Chinese tool manufacturers within an hour”..

    Benny Burmeister
    Technical Development, Manager Ergonomic Solutions

  • “During the development of our VL500 product line, I had two of Cre8tek's Chinese mechanical engineers on my team. Cre8tek's work on the project was impeccable - and their engineers were part of the project team equally with our own two mechanical engineers, and they had a very good knowledge of the Western "mindset" about product development...

    In addition to being highly competent in structural 3D modeling, I noticed Cre8tek´s engineers ability to contribute positively in the discussions and sharing of experience with regards to the development of concepts and design of the complex solutions in the products.

    Throughout the project, we had great help from Cre8tek who continuously could verify the manufacturability of the various design proposals through their large network of suppliers in China.

    I look forward to working with Cre8tek on future development projects, and can give Cre8tek my best recommendations”.

    Henrik Thomsen
    Technical Project Leader, Nilfisk-Advance A/S